Passionistas is a lifestyle brand and support organization for female entrepreneurs. We are a community that provides information and advice via our website, resources and networking opportunities via live events, and provides a platform for female entrepreneurs to build their businesses. We are an all encompassing destination for everything a female entrepreneur wants, needs, and dreams about.


Passionistas originally began as a Facebook group as Beth was beginning her own full-time entrepreneurial journey. She was looking for an outlet where women could share resources, brainstorm, ask questions, and feel empowered, inspired, and supported. As that group began to grow and the women within the group started to network, Beth realized that their was a need. There was an unfilled gap where female entrepreneurs wanted and needed an intimate network with national reach, and it was in that need with further research, that the Passionistas organization was founded. In order to support the network of women within the group, the Passionistas vision and mission has organically evolved to what you see now. A destination with content from an amazing group of women across Business, Living, Culture, Fashion & Beauty, Wellness, and Travel; creating and hosting signature events that you can track directly on the website; a Shop with custom Passionista merchandise; access to Premier Membership known as Passionista Perks which give members benefits and discounts; and much much more.


Beth Diana Smith spent more than a decade in corporate finance honing her skills in project management and a keen attention to detail after attaining a Bachelor’s in Business and a Master’s in Accounting from Seton Hall University. Eventually her love and appreciation for beautiful things, cultures, patterns, and colors led her to her passion of interior design. With great time spent nurturing her creativity, building her brand, and attending the New York School of Interior Design, Beth was able to focus on her design aesthetic and her new life as an entrepreneur. Beth realized that the entrepreneurial journey was a lifestyle in of itself, building relationships with other female entrepreneurs was crucial, and being passionate about your life and what you choose to do with it was priceless. And through that understanding, Passionistas was born.

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