Creating a Brand You Love – Part I

4:00PM - 5:30PM
  • start date 21 Feb 2016
  • end date 21 Feb 2016
  • venue Online

Creating a Brand You Love - Part I by BYF (v15)-01

How do you create a Brand that you love and that will resonate with consumers?

To answer that question you need to plan, strategize, and implement what works best for your business. Branding is an important element of any size business and will create the type of consumer awareness that you want through the power of brand recognition.

What will this webinar offer to you?
1. What to Do Before You Brand-
Identify the the experiences, education, and skills that are unique to you in order to create differentiation & develop innovative business ideas.
2. Brand Messaging & Identity-
How to create and sustain a cohesive, clear brand identity that is true to your personality, gifts, and skill set.
3. Creating Value for the Marketplace-
Tips for value innovation and creating the perfect marketing mix to build brand awareness, visibility, power, and loyalty.

Branding is a part of working ON your business and not just IN your business.

A PASSIONISTAS Online Course. Presented by Branding Your Fabulous.


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